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About Us

Estate Pools is a residential custom concrete pool builder based in NSW. We’re not your average construction company; we’re just obsessed! Picture a concrete swimming pool that mirrors your wildest imagination, crafted with precision and splash of personality.

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What We Stand For

At Estate Pools, we stand for precision, innovation, and family-driven craftsmanship. Committed to creating bespoke pools, we transform outdoor spaces into havens of joy and connection.


We have fun at work and design pools that make families happy.


We are consistently aim for outstanding results, benefiting our industry,
community, clients, and employees.


We stay true to our ethics and work, maintain the highest standards for both.

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Life at Estate Pools

Estate Pools epitomizes excellence in pool construction, crafting high-quality pools that seamlessly blend luxury with functionality. Our ethos centers on delivering unparalleled craftsmanship, transforming outdoor spaces into enduring havens of leisure and sophistication.

Picture your dream concrete pool, tailored to perfection with meticulous craftsmanship and a touch of individuality. We don't just build concrete pools; we sculpt experiences that elevate your property.

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Let's get this journey started!

Constructing a custom concrete pool represents a long-term investment, promising lasting returns. With diligent planning, your pool can become a cherished space creating memories.